School Police Officer

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Largo, FL

Job status
Full time
Job description
Pinellas County Schools is currently hiring a school police officer.
You will be responsible for providing police services and protecting life and property through the enforcement of laws. Under general direction of a supervisor, your work is performed with considerable independence and involves an element of personal danger. You'll be required to exercise considerable judgment and the successful application of policy, procedures, and tact. Your work will be reviewed through observation, conferences, written reports, inspections, and an evaluation of results achieved.
• Graduation from a standard high school or possession of a GED, plus 3 years of law enforcement experience.
• Must hold valid certification under current FDLE standards as a law enforcement officer.
• Must possess and maintain a valid state of Florida driver's license.
• Investigate violations of law that occur on school board property.
• Solve problems while working with schools or community organizations.
• Apprehend suspects by use of forcible arrest techniques to overcome resistance if necessary.
• Collect evidence and investigate criminal and administrative policy violations.
• Locate and question witnesses, suspects, and victims.
• Assist in the prosecution of criminals.
• Refer violations of administrative policies to appropriate authorities through depositions, written reports and/or testimony.
• Use firearms, communications equipment, gas masks, and other necessary equipment.
• Coordinate, recommend and advise principals, assistant principals, and other appropriate staff members of investigative activities, and proper practices/procedures as necessary.
• Secure the safe and peaceful conduct of school board business/activities.
• Cooperate with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies for participation in their respective manpower needs as a deputized agent.
• Responsible for follow-up practices and procedures of an investigative/arresting officer including written and oral reports, court representation, rehabilitative counseling, assessment and collection of mandated restitution, etc., by the various law enforcement agencies.
• Cooperate with the Division of Juvenile Justice in cases involving children charged with committing delinquent acts.
• Cooperate with the Office of the State Attorney, Child Protective Investigators, and other state and federal agencies in the interest of public safety.
• Remain alert and sensitive to potential disturbances and/or violations of the law through preventive measures of security.
• Remain knowledgeable of current laws and legislative procedures through continued education, seminars, and training.
• Respond to both emergency and non-emergency calls for service from schools and other board sites, including reports of child abuse and neglect.
• Provide security services during various meetings, including board meetings.
• Perform defensive combat tactics.
• Respond as ordered to work during emergencies, including working extended duty hours over weekends and holidays, or during periods of severe or inclement weather.
•Must maintain constant mental alertness, display excellent communication skills and the ability to quickly evaluate critical situations as required.
•Must be physically and mentally prepared to respond immediately to emergencies.

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